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Degreasers for Cape Coral, Fort Myers and surrounding areas

If you are looking for powerful degreasers for your business in the Cape Coral, Fort Myers or surrounding areas, Coastal Paper and Chemical is the place to call.  Coastal Paper and Chemical has been providing powerful, heavy duty degreasers to businesses all over Southwest Florida for over 20 years.  We are open to the public and we carry a variety of degreaser options to meet everyone’s needs.  

What are Degreasers?

Degreasers are chemical products which are used to remove substances that are water-insoluble.  These substances include things like grease, oil, paint, lubricants and more.  Degreasers are typically used to clean items such as floors, tools and machines as well as all hard surfaces.

Coastal Paper and Chemical carries degreasers which are fast acting to combat grease and grime.  We carry heavy duty concentrated degreasers as well as heavy duty oven and grill degreasers plus much more!  One of our popular choices for a heavy duty degreaser is Power 50.  This product is a cleaner as well as a degreaser. Power 50 is concentrated and is also biodegradable.

For all of your cleaning needs and supplies contact Coastal Paper and Chemical.  We are here to answer any questions that you may have.  We offer free delivery for all local orders over $100.  Call today to clean the grease and grime away.



power 50 heavy duty concentrated cleaner degreaser