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Disinfectants and Sanitizers for Cape Coral, Fort Myers and surrounding areas

Coastal Paper and Chemicals carries a large supply of disinfectants and sanitizers for all home, business and workplaces in Cape Coral, Fort Myers and surrounding areas.  Cape Coral and Fort Myers are located in Lee County.  Lee County is the 8th most populated county in Florida with a growing population near 700,000 residents.  Coastal Paper and Chemicals is proud to have been servicing all of Southwest Florida for over 20 years.  

Coastal Paper and Chemicals is here to help you keep your home or business fresh and sparkling clean.  We have a large variety of disinfectants and sanitizers for use in your facility to keep your break rooms, kitchens and cafeterias germ free.  

Disinfectants versus Sanitizers

  • Disinfectants are chemical products which are used to destroy or inactivate germs and bacteria to prevent them from growing.  Disinfectants have no effect on dust, dirt or soil.
  • Sanitizers are chemical products that are used to reduce, but not completely get rid of germs.  Sanitizers reduce the germs on surfaces to safer levels.

Food Service Cleaner

When your business involves food service, the first impression you make to customers is the most important one.  This first impression usually involves the sights and smells as they enter your facility.  Give your customers a lasting impression that will keep them coming back.  Coastal Paper and Chemicals carries a wide variety of products to keep your food service facility clean and spot free.  We carry everything from bar glass cleaners to sanitizing tablets.  Some of the most popular products that Coastal Paper and Chemicals carries is Neutracide and Power 50.  Neutracide is a one step disinfectant germicidal detergent and deodorant.  Neutracide is used in schools, restaurants and food handling process areas.  Power 50 is a heavy duty concentrated cleaner and degreaser.  

power 50 heavy duty concentrated cleaner degreaser neutracide